Top Listed Malware Affecting PC

In today’s world where, everything is going to be held online that is from personal banking to government infrastructure, it’s really has opened a door for cyber criminals to trick money by using some shady ways. And that’s why, these days, cyber risk is top listed international agenda as high-profile hole increases the scare of security failure and hackers attacks that can result endanger the global economy.

Also, for normal computer user, getting a PC threat is simply a mild inconvenience. But, sometimes, it is well capable to bring some frustrating disasters and the worse part is that, you may have to suffer from financial loss or identity theft. Also, your hard drive may get damage causing data loss. Here we are highlighting ten worst and brutal PC threat whose ignorance will definitely cause something horrible.



The ILOVEYOU virus has been labeled as one of the most harmful and notorious PC threat that has been designed by two Filipino programers named Reonel Ramones and Onel de Guzman. Responsible for causing great havoc, ILOVEYOU virus has damaged approx 10% of the Internet connected computer all over the world and totaling an estimate of $10 billion. Usually this highly perilous program distributed into the PC through malicious emails from unknown sources and featuring the subject ‘I Love You’ and right after getting settle down, image files will be overwritten. Being, first socially engineered computer bug, it do have capability to make PC unbootable. And scaring of this, many of the governments and large scale corporations started to took their mailing system offline in order to protect themselves from this kind of infection.

Code Red

Originated by two eEye Digital Security employees, Code Red first primarily surfaced on 2001 and was named so because while discovering this malware, pair were drinking Code Red Mountain Dew. From its initial stages, it has caused great disturbance. Targeting PC ‘s with Microsoft IIS web server installed, it in actual exploits buffer overflow issues in computer.


And it’s really surprising that it successfully drop down website and compelled various other government agencies to take down their own public domains temporarily . However, this worm later viel, but still remembered by security experts as that was really a turning point for computer virus due to its rapid growth and distribution. This virus immediately after getting installed, starts making its copies in hundreds consuming almost all available resources. And if talking about hard drive, it leaves very small trace and inject whole memory with approx 3,569 bytes.

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Melissa is also found as a most destructive malware that has been crafted by David L. Smith in 1999 and has been named after an exotic dancer from Florida. This particular began with contaminated Word document which was posted up on usenet group, stating to be a passwords lists for pornographic sites. This make people more inquisitive and when downloading and opening, it automatically trigger the macro inside and and discharge its payload. And further, it from the list of your email addresses, it will mail itself to any 50 people causing increment in email traffic and thus disrupts government and corporations email services. Also, it is capable to damage documents by putting a Simpsons reference into them.

Smith was arrested when traced traced the Word document to him. Actually, the file was uploaded through using a stolen AOL account and by using this, law enforcement easily arrest him. He further cooperated with FBI in capturing various other malware makers and the famous among them is the Anna Kournikova virus creator. He served only 20 months for his cooperation and paid a fine of $5000 of his 10 year sentence. Reportedly, this extremely brutal threat caused $80 million in damages.



Sasser is cruelly crafted by a student of computer science student in 2004 whose name was Sven Jaschan. This highly annoying program do have capability to slows down and crashes the computer along with its hard drive and it’s really quite difficult to reset without power cutting. About millions PC’s being infected. Actually, this malware by taking advantage of a buffer overflow vulnerability in LSASS (Local Security Authority Subsystem Service), that controls local account security policy of local accounts resulting computer crashes. Also, it uses system resources in order to propagate itself to entire machines or to the other device through the Internet and contaminate others automatically.

It also has lead a million infections, along with the critical infrastructures like airlines, public transportation, hospitals, news agencies, public transport, etc and the overall corruption has estimated to have cost $18 billion.



Zeus has been identified as a Trojan horse program found in 2009,that has been specially designed with the core intention to infect Windows computers and has been top listed for stealing user’s personal ad confidential data along with financial details, passwords, date of birth, addresses and social security numbers and is still found these days. Mostly users got this infection through phishing scams or drive-by download.

It somehow manages and compromise thousands of FTP accounts and PC from large multinational corporations and banks. And the most surprising part is that, it alone in US has infected more than million of computer the US and about $70 million were theft-en by them. Although, about 100 people were arrested who having connection with this activity and in late 2010, Zeus creators state about their retirement but perhaps, it’s a false news.



CryptoLocker is one of the most harassing and hazardous ransomware program that mostly targets to Windows PC and uses numerous unprincipled ways in order to spread itself and right after getting installed starts encrypting all the files and folders stored on the hard drive and any other storage device connected to it with RSA public key cryptography. Also, it’s easy to obliterate this ransomware, but the files that has been encrypted still remain the same. As, the only solution to restore the files back is to pay the ransom by a deadline. And they are so cruel that if the deadline is not met till the time allotted, the amount of ransom will increases day to day or may be the decryption keys deleted. Around $400 in prepaid cash or bitcoin will be demanded by them. From a research, the number of infections is found to be 500,000 and approx 1.3%, of them amount also of about $3 million.



Unlike damaging malware, Flashback is a mac malware and gain over it proving that Macs are not immune. Discovered by antivirus company Intego in 2011, as a fake Flash install, this extremely dangerous Trojan program mainly travels through compromised websites containing JavaScript code that will download the payload and if once get installed, Mac will be now the part of botnet of other infected Macs. But, here is some relief as it simply localized to that specific user’s account, but the saddest part is that, approx more than 600,000 Macs has become prey of this malware including 274 Macs in Cupertino area, the headquarters of Apple. However, Oracle with Apple has published a fix for Flashback from people’s Mac. It has been disclosed that an estimate of 22,000 Macs ate still infected as of 2014.



Developed by Israeli Defence Force along with the American Government, Stuxnet has been specially designed with the core intention of cyberwarfare, since it was proposed to muddle Iranians’ nuclear efforts. And what more worse, that Stuxnet has ruined one fifth of Iran’s nuclear centrifuges and about 60% of contamination were focused in Iran. It was mainly crafted to attack industrial Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), that allows for processes automation in machinery. It commonly distributed into PC through infected USB drives and later, it can modify machinery speed.


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