Things To Remember While Purchasing Hard Drive

These days, external drive are so much popular because of its excellent features. It is usually connected to the PC with single high-speed interface cable, commonly with plug-and-play interfaces such as USB or FireWire. Along with its portable nature also offer users to store their data securely under lock and key. In only few money, it offers terabyte of storage space that’s quite enough to store roughly 750,000 photos or MP3s, or over 230 DVD-sized movies.

Some of the extra ordinary features of external drive are :

Extra space → It’s the primarily property of external drive that lets you to store all your data with huge amount at a time and solving the issue of diminishing storage space. In case, if your PC is get saturated, then its not possible alltime to replace current hard drive and in that circumstances, external hard drive is the best option. It’s just a extra room to which you can shift your files giving your PC relief and to boost its performances.

Storage For Older Data → If you having some of the older files that you don’t want to delete then external drive in that case will be definitely better choice for you. This along with emptying your PC memory, increases its performances also.

Security → Todays, where malware is on the top listed for data stealing and corrupting, external drive helps you to keep your data safe from them even in case if it is attached with the PC also.

Backup important data → Sometime, it’s not possible for common computer user to backup their data which can bring them in disturbance in case of any corruption or deletion (specially when it is matter of some important or valuable data). So at that time, external drive will undoubtedly the best alternative option.

Portability → It’s one of the unique feature of external drive. They are small, lighter and handy that makes it choice of billions of users.

So, buying any external drive is definitely going to be a good decision for your data. Various brands with various features are available in the market creating complexities for the users to choose the best one. Here, we have tried to inform you some basic criteria that you should know before choosing any external drive

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Hard Drive types

Actually, there are two types of external hard disks that is Desktop-style drives and Notebook-class hard drives.  Desktop-style drives needs external power supply. It has been specially designed with the intension to stay stationary preferably for home or office applications and is mostly found in 1TB, 2TB and 3TB ranges. On the other side, Notebook-class hard drives also called as pocket or portable hard disks powered through connector cable that draw power from connected host and comes in up to 2TB capacities. Although, 500GB and 1TB are widely purchased and is more common.

Input options and connectors

Toshiba_HDTD105XK3D1_BLACK_LAPTOPExternal hard drives usually connect to computer through their external connectors. Among them, USB 2.0/3.0 ports are widely used. However, eSATA, FireWire (400 and 800) or more futuristic connectors like Wireless USB or iSCSI are also used. Most of the users want to go through USB 3.0 as it deliver faster transfer speed and great compatibility without any fuss. As, most desktops or laptops come with USB ports. FireWire ports offer greater transfer speed however they are less common. Many Mac users prefer FireWire due to the features it offers. However, other OS users should steer clear from FireWire to minimize fuss and compatibility issues.

Thunderbolt and Lightning

It’s a new interconnect technology naming Thunderbolt mostly known as Light Pea. It has been discovered by Intel, and mastered by Apple. Initially designed as a speedy optical link using fibre optics, but immediately found its way also into storage solutions and interfacing requirements. It poses has super fast transfer speeds ( of up to 20GB per second ), versatility and tons of application possibilities. On one side, where Apple completely go thriugh this technology, same side, Brands like HP is on the way for this model. Although, some well known manufacturer still hesitant for this technology.

Drive Speed

Almost hard drive’s speed information is measured in RPM (that is revolutions per minute) which is the speed of their drive mechanism. While purchasing any external drive, it’s essential to be aware of this information. Mainly, Hard drives in two speeds 7200rpm and 5,400rpm. A hard disk with 7200rpm is technically faster than a 5400rpm, but their transfer rates actually depend on a host of factors along with the interfacing connector being used and speed of the system and lastly the budget.


When planning to buy any external hard drive, then you must know the fact that some of the hard drives are only compatible with PCs or Macs but not both. So, if you borrow a PC-specific hard drive for your Mac, then in that case, you either have to reformat your hard drive or be limited to one and that is PC- or Mac-specific.

Transfer speed

If you are thinking to back up your PC with external hard drives, then in that case, USB 3.0 interface hard drive as compared to USB 2.0 interface, will be ideal. .However, USB 2.0 is still common. USB 3.0 is so much fastest in terms of transferring files, eSATA and FireWire is next ideal, but it’s somewhat expensive. As, all computer cannot support all types of external hard drive, an older PC may have a USB 1.1 or USB 2.0 connection instead of a USB 3.0, so, choose according to your need and compatibility.

Ease of use and reliability

In case, if you don’t want to annoy in installing or configuring any utility software, then it’s better to pick a drive with included software. It will make your work easier. If we talk apart from technical aspect, then warranty comes first that you need to consider as drives are prone to failure. So, longer the warranty, the better will be in favor of you.

Remember you are going to buy a external hard drive for you data that may be valuable or sensitive in nature, so be familiar with all the features and specification before getting , as it’s a matter of data. Don’t be hesitant to spend a some bit extra and own proper and ideal one.

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