Six Inadequate Reasons For Hard Disk Failure

Hard Disk is just what which takes full responsibility for storing all your data and files at great capacity. Not just documents, images, audios and videos even your your programs or operating system can be stored on it. Although, it’s old digital data storage technology still, it is being used by almost all kind of computer. Along with fulfilling the growing storage requirement, it’s so much portable and reliable. But, there is some circumstances under which it can go failure due to which you can loss all your files and programs stored on them. Failure of the disk can be cause in course of normal operation or because of some external factors. Here we are going to discuss about the six inadequate reasons for hard drive failure.

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1.) Firmware or Manufacturer Faults

Symptoms: : While having this issues, your hard disk will not detected or recognized by PC and system will get fail or hang while booting process.

Reason : This problem usually caused with new hard disk or just few days of purchasing. Most probably, it is caused because of delivering faulty product by the manufacturers. Actually, all these types of hard disks are shipped to you without testing.

To resolve this issues, you need to contact your hard disk manufacturer and asking for RA (Return Authorization) since, your disk currently is in warranty. So, it can be solved without paying any extra money or any further inquiry. Although, you may loss your data that you have stored on the disk in between or before corruption took place. Sp, in case, if there is any logical damage, then you can for any third party software so as to recover them.

2.) Heat

Symptoms : It’s also a one of the serious factor for disk failure under which fans will stop moving or will move too slow. Also, while having this issues, some clicking sounds will create from device. Even, your PC or laptop will get heated immediately after booting.

Reasons : This is the most common cause among all the hard drive failure that occurs randomly because of unmannered ventilation or non workable CPU fan. This lead system to heat causes sudden crash or severe damage to hard disk. Also, sometimes, environment greatly impact and non-allow PC to dispense heat in proper way.

Solutions : Before resolving this issues, be sure that CPU fans are working properly and also checks that sufficient cooling is given to the processor and other related peripherals. For this, you use thermal paste and kept them between CPU fan’s heat sinks in order to make them run smoothly for future.

3.) Mechanical or Internal failure:

Symptoms : Some strange sounds of clicking or grinding will be generated by your the hard drive . Stored files and folders will become invisible or may get corrupted as the time passes restricted you from accessing it. System may get freezes and black screen after during booting process will be seem preventing you from starting your PC.

Reasons : It usually happens if some of moving parts of the hard drive get degrade over time and consequentially results in mechanically damaged hard disk. Any malware also do have tendency to delete hard disk data or to alter its operation making corruption to system files and this will definitely cause mechanical failure. As, it has been revealed that may rootkits smoothly becomes active soon after the system is booted and starts corrupting system functioning at BIOS level. Although almost all the latest Windows operating system like Windows 8/ Windows 8.1 have the capability to sense that threat and delete it through using UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface) technology. Also, this error may be generated because of having bad sectors and blocks or improper working of spindle motor or damaged PCB.

Solutions: You can stay away from this error by updating your system on regular basis or by using any proper working security programs, replacing the hard disk after using it for 3-4 years.

4.) Electronic Failure or Power Surges

Symptoms : hard drive will not be detected by system BIOS and it get fail to spin up . Some times, startup will fail randomly.

Reasons : This usually happens if UPS is not capable to deliver required power supply and is providing either too high or too low power supply. Often the causes like using unreliable power source can be responsible as it delivers uninterrupted power supply.

Solution: To get rid of this issues, be sure that your PC is getting sufficient and continuous power supply. It’s highly advised to use reputed and proper working UPS as it’s capable to troubleshoot this. It will be good for your system if you switched off to it when not in use.

5.) Corrupted Files

Symptoms : Some of your files will get damaged or corrupted and restricted you from using your system properly. Hard disk become inaccessible. Sudden system shutdown due to power failure or force restart can cause files to become corrupt and make your hard disk inaccessible whatsoever.

Reasons : Shutting down the PC in unusual way or closing any running programs accidentally, using any distrustful programs or applications, etc. are can cause corruption to file making your hard disk unstable and non working.

Solutions : To prevent yourself from embroiling into this hassle, you can take some preventive steps. You need to shut down your PC in standard way. Also, it’s strongly advised to close all the running programs before closing computer. Be sure of not having any malicious or distrustful software into your PC.

6.) Human Error Human Errors:

Symptoms : System damage or files get inaccessible.

Reasons : It usually cause because of some human errors for instance altering Window registry settings, modifying system files attribute and location, improper installation of OS etc.

Solution : It’s really somewhat difficult to repair all these types of errors. So, in that case, you need to contact professional who can help you to recover all your damaged data from hard drive.

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