Seagate Finally Unveils 10TB Helium Enterprise Drive To Fulfill Storage Demands Of Cloud-Based Data Centers

Well known for providing storage solution, Seagate Technology, recently launches its first 10TB enterprise capacity hard disk drive (HDD) that has been specially engineered in order to fulfills the growing needs and requirements of top private and public cloud service providers. Available in 10TB drive, it has been merge with high capacities with lowest power and weight of industry. Unlike others industry’s technology, Seagate® Enterprise 3.5 Capacity HDD do have capability to address storage demands and thus has been globally chosen by enterprise market.

Along with the conjunction with partners Huawei and Alibaba and announced in January, the Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD by using very high level advanced caching algorithms, improves performance so as to help cloud data center managers in order to manage increasing volume of data more quickly and efficiently. It via Seagate PowerChoice technology, helps businesses to manage and reduce the ongoing costs related to power and cooling specially during idle time. On the same side, Seagate’s PowerBalance property helps in optimizing IO/s/watt for more efficiency.

“Seagate’s 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD can expands Supermicro’s hyperscale server and storage solutions optimized for cloud solution providers robust foundation for building OpenStack cloud infrastructure via its Supermicro’s 4U 60/90 3.5” top-load hot-swap bay server and single expander JBOD storage solutions delivering highest performance, scalability and capacity density at the lowest overall TCO. In addition, Seagate’s new helium-based 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD Fulfills both reliability and performances criteria which has been considered as a key criteria for Ciara’s cloud initiative.

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As having Industry’s most comprehensive and nearline portfolio, Seagate products along with their new flagship 10TB helium enterprise has shipping today. Also, it offers a numbers of impressive advantages of the technology. Needs of almost all “Cloud-based data center storage are expanding faster as compared to various current infrastructures which can sustain, rendering user’s capacity demands a herculean task for cloud managers,” said by Mark Re, senior vice president and chief technology officer, Seagate. And their new helium-based enterprise drive is designed innovatively after years of research and development of sealed-drive technology, so as to solve the growing needs of storage business and helping data-centric organizations worldwide.

Fan Ruiqi, President of Huawei, said that with the increasing amount of data at an increasingly rapid rate, they are always on the look for better storage solutions along with offering smart performance and at lower overhead. And new Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD from Seagate resource them to meet these demands via offering excellent capacity along with power and weight improvements them to reduce their cost.

The new 10TB Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD offers a maximum storage capacity preferably for easy system integration. It by using the standard 3.5-inch CMR design also incorporates 14 heads and seven platters and the drive is packed in helium in order to create a quiet environment, turbulence-free, reducing both of friction and resistance on the platters and providing industry’s lowest power/TB ratio and weight specifications for a 10TB HDD.

Further, it delivers quite improved MTBF of 2.5 million hours and ensuring for providing consistent performance to customers for 24×7 multi-drive environment. The Seagate Enterprise Capacity 3.5 HDD is now available to you in both a 6Gb/s SATA and 12Gb/s SAS interfaces and is now shipping to select customers worldwide.

About Seagate


Seagate Technology PLC (also refereed as Seagate) is an American data storage company that was established in 1978 as a Shugart Technology and Since 2010, the company is now incorporated in Ireland, Dublin along with operational headquarters in United States, Cupertino, California. Seagate developed the first 5.25-inch hard disk drive (HDD), the 5-megabyte ST-506, in 1980.

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At that time, it was one of the larger supplier in the microcomputers specially after the introduction of IBM XT in 1983. It developed its first 5.25 inch hard disk drive in 1980. But, today along with Western Digital dominates the HDD market as most of their growth has come through acquisition of competitors. In 2000, Seagate again became a private company with a management buy-out and stock transfer to Veritas Software Corp. And in 2003, it again re-entered the HDD market for notebook computers and plaunched he 1-inch disk hard drives for the new first iPods that led to a trend of digital devices being created along with more and more memory, especially in case of cameras and music devices.

In June 2003, Seagate released the world’s first 3TB external hard drive, and in September, it released the world’s first portable 1.5TB hard drive. In December 2011 Seagate acquired Samsung’s HDD business and later released Seagate GoFlex Satellite, that can use Wi-Fi connection and do have capability to stream 3 different movies to three devices simultaneously, including a Wi-Fi TV.

In March 2012, company demonstrated the first 1TB square inch density hard drive, that having possibility of scaling up to 60TB by 2030 and in 2013, it declared it as the first disk maker who have cumulatively shipped arround two billion HDDs a then current shipping rate of eight drives per second. Actually, this brand was the first HDD company whose started shipment of shingled magnetic recording drives, and also it announced in September that it has shipped over 1 million such drives. And by late 2014, it had shipped 10 million Solid State Hybrid Drives (SSHD) whose concept was created in 2007.

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