Recover All Your Photos And Videos From iXpand Flash Drive

Taking forward its success of hard drive series, iXpand Flash Drive has recently launched by well known manufacturer that is SanDisk. This highly innovative flash drive has been specially crafted to be the perfect companion for iPhone. It’s a very easy way to free up your iPhone space or to backup your camera roll. Also, it offers you to watch almost all known format videos straight from it. Along with having flexible lightening connector, it also contains USB 3.0 connector so that you can easily plug into your Mac system or PC and simply move the data. It really has become highly demandable flash drive as having very efficient encryption software helping you to prevent your file from unauthorized access by setting password to it. It’s iPad’s new best friend. But like others, here also is some limitations as data along with photos and videos stored on it may get corrupted or deleted because of some reasons and like others

If you also found any corruption or data inaccessibility on iXpand Flash Drive, then you can take reference from the link given. As, it contains an efficient solution. Many users had resolved this issue by following the instructions given on

There can be various reasons responsible for the damage pr corruption of data on iXpand Flash causing data inaccessible.

  • You yourself can loss your photos and videos because of accidental deletion.
  • Indecent working of device can lead corruption in photos and videos .
  • Having any malicious programs like adware, Trojan, browser hijacker or other programs is one of the root cause of data corruption. As, malware has been found as one of the most seen cases that is responsible for data damage.
  • Error occurrence while file transfer from one device to another.
  • Improper termination of media player can result photos and videos corruption or damaged.
  • Using unlicensed media player or any other unauthorized programs using these files can also cause damage or corruption.
  • Alteration of video file extension may also result in video files corruption.
  • Unusual user activities like improper system shut down, power failure, Shutting down the device without closing all the application, etc may lead to corruption in photos and videos.
  • Indecent insertion and ejection of the iXpand Flash Drive from the card reader/camera or mobile can damage your data.

Apart this, there can be various other reasons that can cause photos and videos corruption in iXpand Flash Drive. In that case, there is great chance of data loss. But, if you don’t have delayed so much, then it’s quite easy also to restore them. Like other storage medium, iXpand Flash Drive also poses file table keeping record of physical location and file information of all the files. And when any of the photos and videos get deleted accidentally or get damaged because of any reason then only index from the file table is abstracted, means the actual file still reside on the iXpand Flash Drive until and unless any new file is overwritten there. That’s why, experts advise to stop using the drive immediately after founding any damage or loss to data in order to prevent it from overwriting. Now the question arises that, how will you regain your photos and videos from iXpand Flash Drive.
Everybody knows that its very easy to recover iXpand Flash Drive photos and videos if having backup. This can be done by using iTunes or iCloud. But, in case of not having backup, it’s really somewhat difficult to recover them. And regarding this purpose, it’s better to consult with an experts.

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