Recover NEF Files From System Hard Drive Easily

NEF commonly stands for Nikon Electronic Format which is just a RAW file format of Nikon’s camera that features image information along with the metadata created by the camera’s sensor. And that metadata includes several information related to settings, the lens, identification of camera and so on. Like others RAW images file, it’s also a digital negative which is mostly used by professional photographers as it poses more detailed information as compared to JPEG and TIFF. AS, it is known as lossless image format if talking about color and image and thus people using Nikon camera supposed to kept their images files in NEF format.

There are numerous benefits of using NEF files as they are more valuable preferably when computer processing is needed offering hundreds of opportunity for boosting image quality which is not practicable with JPEG files. But, it also has some limitation as you can upload it directly to Internet. You have to convert it to JPEG or GIFF. Also, it’s size is somewhat more as compared to JPEG and other format file, so you can store only fewer images. On the other side like others, it also get corrupted or deleted because of some reasons as like

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Human Errors

Some of the unusual user activities like accidentally pressing Shift+Delete or Command+Delete simultaneously, clicking pictures through camera, while having low battery, unsafe pulling of SD card from system and various others can lead to damage or loss of NEF files.

Software or Hardware Errors

NEF files may also get deleted or corrupted because of some software or hardware reason like

  • Continuous power fluctuation or power surge.
  • Some of the error like “drive not formatted” can make you file inaccessible.
  • Any type of disturbance or interruption while transferring files can result data loss.
  • Having any king of malware on the device can lead to deletion NEF and other files from system or memory card.
  • Power surge or fluctuation.
  • Using unauthenticated third party application may cause corruption to NEF files.
  • Force shut down of of system or camera or nay other hardware problem will definitely harm NEF files.

What To Do After NEF File Deletion Or Corruption

featuredNo doubt, it will be miserable for anyone if losing any photos or deletion specially if they were valuable or lovable. But, here some relief also as the fact is that every storage device for instance memory card, pen drive, hard disk, etc has file table that holds record of physical location and file information of all the files. And when you accidentally delete any file or your files get corrupted because of any reasons then only index from the file table is removed means the actual file still reside on the hard disk or other storage medium until and unless any new file is overwritten there. Means you can get them back, Now the question is that, how will you regain your NEF Files?


 Step 1: Stop what you are doing.

Once you feel that you files has been deleted or corrupted, then it’s strongly advised to stop using the device right after that, as it reduce the chances of overwriting.

Step 2: Go For Right recovery Software.

After that, search for any perfect and smart working recovery tool that can help you to recover all the deleted or corrupted NEF files with ease. You may contact to professional also.

Step 3: Never let this happen again.

No, doubt, software will help you to get the files back, but as, we all know “Prevention is better than cure”, so being alert in advance always help you to stay away from all such issues. Always be focused while running PC or camera so as to protect your NEF files. And last but not the least, keep backup of all your data along with NEF files.

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