How To Perform Video Recovery From Broken Hard Disk drive

With the rise in visual content, video really has suspected to be on the top of priority as compared to images and text and why not, it should be. As 90% of the information traveling to the brain is visual. And we can’t disagree with it. Not only common people, but also a organization keeps their data in video format specially to this world of Internet where everything that is from education to entertainment is almost based on online. Also, we keeps our valuable data or lovable videos of life to the hard disk. Even some people used to purchase external hard drive for keeping their data along with videos as backup and think what happened if they become inaccessible or get accidentally deleted because of any reasons. No doubt, this will be miserable for anyone. But, don’t get disappointed. Recovery is also possible if you don’t have delayed so much.

Failure in hard drive is one of the most common situation that is being found these days at large scale causing data loss. Here you can see some of the signs that can indicating for the shuttering of drive. Also you can see the recovery methods.

Computer drive is really an essential part that facilitates for computing foundatio. In technical terms, they are known as HDD that is Hard Disk Drives. That consist of spinning disks, or platters which holds data on it. That data may be anything i.e photos, videos, document files, etc. Although, hard disk are quite robust. But, it sometimes get fails also. Even, some amount of dust particles invisible to you can lead to its damage. And if the drive stops working then, data is usually retrievable until and unless anyone has passed a magnetic onto the drive as this destroy all the data.


In case, if your drive get crashed, then it can cost you a lot for data restore. Although, you yourself can restore your photos and videos but it’s a serious business which requires your willingness.

How to recognize imminent hard drive’s failure

Strange noises – Sometimes, some strange grinding noises will be created by the hard drive which a symbol for indicating your drive is beyond repair

Computer crashes – If you see blue screen of death regularly on your PC and your system is sometimes get crashed while boot up sequence, then it indicate a drive issues.

Slow access times – These days almost all computers came with great processor and after this, if your PC takes extra enough time to open up any file or folder or when emptying the recycle bin, then your drive is just out of your hand and is suffering from any problem.

Disappearing data – If anyhow your videos or any other files get disappears or you are not able to save them, then it’s a sign that your drive is struggling. It can be caused because of so many reasons like having any malware or drive failing.

The reasons for drive failure

Logical failures – This problem usually aroused when the hard drive electronics get fails and of the software poses any problems.

Media failures – If the magnetic platters get scratched because of roughly handling hard drive, or the drive having read/write errors or low-level formatting problems, then media failures can be caused.

Head failures –  If the read/write head get crashed into the drive platters
, then this problem happens.

Mechanical failures – This is very common problems that usually under which motor burns out or the drive get overheated.

How to recover failed drives :

Sometimes, it may happens that drive doesn’t poses any issues. Problems are generating because of improper cable or wire connection. So, primarily be sure that the cables are connected with the computer’s motherboard properly. Also, be sure of having proper connection to data and power cables on both ends.

Sometimes, hardware connecting to the drive like printed circuit board (PCB) can get fail. Under that circumstances, you can simply swap the PCB boards but in case if you are not sure about this, then contact to experts and let them to do this.

If you are sure of drive crash then eject the drive out from computer and connect it to other PC as a secondary device through using USB to IDE/SATA adapter and then copy the your video .

If you are able to browser your drive content, then most probably there is a corruption in your operating system and your data stored on the drive remain safe.

Third Party Software – In case if you are not capable to copy your data long with videos, then its better to go through third party software. If you can’t manually copy the user data off the drive then you can try to recover it using data recovery software. But remember, don’t install the software to the your damaged drive as it may overwrite your data preventing you from restoring them. .

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