Malware Talk – Rombertik Actually Demolish Hard Drive To Avert Perception.

In todays world of IT, malware has become one of the serious and biggest concerns for the users since they do have capability to compromise whole system or information networks. As, lots of cyber criminals are in the look for a single chance in order to distribute their malicious code so that can earn profit and have payload that “ruin computers.”. The number of detection and observation of virus by several laboratories are increasing at very fast rate. Rombertik is one of the recently found malware. Security researchers have revealed it as one of the most pernicious and catchy malware that makes use of various shady methods to prevent itself from detection and analysis turning system to out of function.

The Rombertik spyware has been perceived by ESET as Win32/Spy.Agent.OLJ and has been considered as a “unique” malware because of its unique evasion techniques. It has been designed in such a way that it is well capable to delete system’s Master Boot Record(MBR) and home directories, due to which PC will keeps restarting constantly.

Pollute System via Immoral campaign:

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Rombertik doesn’t spread of its own. Some of the causes like opening mails attached with suspicious domains, clicking on dubious links, browsing unauthenticated websites, porn websites, domains full of malicious advertisements or links, etc has been found as the main reason behind entrance of this highly perilous program into the PC.

No matter how your system acquire this highly unsafe program, it’s presence is always going to cause lots of chaos and discomfort. Right after getting settle down, it starts performing numerous malicious activities just one after another without having your knowledge. It primarily runs a series of anti-analysis checks in order to determine if it is running within a sandbox. In case, if it is not running within the sandbox, it cruelly decrypt and installs itself on the compromised PC that helps its code to launch a second copy of itself.
It’s so cruel that after doing all such activities, it again runs a final check so as to make sure for not being analyzed in the memory. If sensing anything for being analyzed, it destruct master boot record (MBR) of the assailable PC. Then after your system will be restart because of MBR missing from hard drive. And the annoying part is that this restart process will be of endless loop. Further, it do have capability to keeps monitoring each of the single move that you take online and meanwhile can collect many of your private and highly sensitive data.

It has been found that this extremely harmful programs contains large volumes of “garbage code”. On the same side, unpacked sample of Rombertik wasof size 28KB while the packed version is 1264K that poses 75 images and 8,000 functions that has not been used.



In you really intended to stay away from all type of malware and its dreadful consequences then, it’s necessary to have a power and effective software that works with strong algorithm and should be updated. Additionally, try to avoid opening malicious mails or browsing distrustful websites.

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