Malware found on new hard drives

As per “The Taipei Times”, around 1,800 new hard drive of 300GB and 500GB manufactured by Maxtor transported with pre-installed malware on them. And the most surprising part is the the suspectation of Chinese authorities involvement in it.

It’s very common that large capacity hard disk is being used by government agencies in order to store databases and other information.
Not only that, a common people also use external hard drive of huge capacity so as to make backups. That’s why, it’s also locally sold. It is being manufactured by US disk-drive manufacturer that is Seagate Technology and recently it has been revealed by the Investigation Bureau that it carry Trojan horse malware that having the capability to upload anything to Beijing Web sites automatically that you user stores on the hard disc. Don’t take it easy, as that anything also includes sensitive information. Around 1,800 of the portable Maxtor hard discs, manufactured in Thailand, holds two Trojan horse programs that is autorun.inf and ghost.pif, said by bureau under the Ministry of Justice. It’s a first time that any Trojan program has been placed on hrd disk before reaching to the market. Also, it has been claimed that, it’s a unusual attack and has been predicted for the involvement of Chinese authorities. Actually, some of the aggressive spying program related to information technology is runned by the Chinese government.

It’s a findings of Investigation Bureau that hard discs preferably portable ones, produced by US disk-drive manufacturer Seagate Technology that were sold in Taiwan containing Trojan horse programs and it has also has been suggested by further investigations that “contamination” took place while having in the hand of Chinese subcontractors when manufacturing. Also, Seagate Technology LLC, Maxtor portable hard drive manufacturer on its Web site (, said that Maxtor Basics Personal Storage 3200 hard drives sold after August could be contaminated with any malware.


The Investigation Bureau also find that the tainted portable hard disc do have tendency to uploads any informationstored on the PC automatically to and without any human inteference. At the time of investigating manufacturing process with the involvement of Chinese subcontractor , Seagate found that some small number of drives were contaminated with the malware. The company also replied that all the threats has been scanned and removed from the products from the problem factory and adding that all stockpile would also be treated before the returning the product to stores. However, Seagate did not unwrap the manufacturing process stage where the Chinese subcontractor installed Trojan malware. Seagate’s Asian Pacific branch also comment that they were looking into the matter.

Also, it has been suggested by the Seagate to the customers who had purchased the product to install any power and effective anti-virus software.

On the other side, The bureau had instructed to the Taiwanese distributor of the product, Xander International, to wipe out the products from shelves quickly. Also, they has said that, it first complain received last month, stating they had found Trojan horse viruses on new hard disks purchased in Taiwan. And when examined by the agents, it is found to be linked to the two Web sites. So, as per them, those who have purchased any of that hard disk should should return it to the place of purchase.

It has been said by the distributors to Chinese-language Liberty Times (the Taipei Times’ sister newspaper) that company already had sold 1,800 tainted discs to stores this last month and had pulled 1,500 discs from shelves and on the same side, remaining 300 had been sold to the consumers by the stores.

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