Looking for Pen Drive Shortcut Virus Removal?

These days, lots of users has become prey of Shortcut virus specially in the case of external USB device like Pen Drive. Actually, it has now become a normal problem. Although, at initial stage, it seems quite small and not more problematic, but as the time passes, it just become destructive and harassing in nature. Here is the list of some queries found from user side:

Hey!!! I’m really somewhat depressed as all the files in my HP Pen drive are popping up as shortcut files”

“Quite surprised, as I’m not able to access any of the files of my Pen Drive and the space used is same”.

“Isn’t its annoying to loss file accessibility power. It’s only because of converting all the files to shortcut files. Anyone help me Please!!!!”

“Suddenly, all the files and folders in my USB drive converted to shortcut.”

Info Source : http://www.technologynext.org/how-to-recover-files-infected-by-shortcut-virus-from-usb-pen-drive/


Lets have a look on “Shortcut Virus”.

Shortcut virus doesn’t poses any exact definition, but as the name suggest, it has been labeled as a computer virus that do have capability to shield your existing or original files inside any shortcuts. And the most surprising part is that, the method used by it in order to hide your files is still unknown, but the consequences or result is visible and also so much horrible. Means your original files will be available in your pen drive or any other drive, but will be in such a condition that you can’t diagnose them. And, it can its worst damage or delete all the files. Although, this damage/corruption or deletion depends upon the type of which shortcut virus that had attacked on the pen drive.

How To Take off Shortcut Virus From Pen drive Through Command Prompt

You can remove pen drive shortcut virus through using command prompt. As, it’s quite simple and doesn’t need any technical knowledge. Steps are:


  1. Press “Window+R” and then type CMD in the dialog box appeared in order to open command prompt
  2. Hit Enter or click to OK button.
  3. Now on the command prompt, type the letter that is drive letter of your pen drive followed by colon and then hit enter. (For Instance – h:)
  4. Then after type: attrib h:*.*/d/s-h-r-s. (Remember, here h is the drive name of your pen drive)
  5. Click Enter. Right after that, shortcut virus will be automatically obliterated.

Remove Pen Drive Shortcut Virus Conveniently By Creating BAT File

If you have a little bit of knowledge of .BAT file (means batch file), then you can also remove your Pen Drive shortcut virus with this programming. And the best part is that, in creating batch files, you don’t requires any extra tools. The only thing you need is notepad and Windows machine. Although, this trick is not so much famous or is widely used, still you can go through this process, as it’s quite helpful in getting rid of shortcut virus. Steps are:

  1. Launch Notepad of your PC and type
    echo off
    attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*
    attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*
    attrib -h -s -r -a /s /d Drive:*.*
    @echo complete
  2. Be sure that you have replace the word Drive with your own drive name of pen drive. For example: H:
  3. Now save the file with the name removeshortcutvirus.bat(that is with the .bat extension). Save the file on your desktop.
  4. Then after close the Notepad and came on desktop and open the created file by double clicking on them.
  5. Right after that, you will really surprised as all the shortcut virus from the particular drive will be removed and you will get all your files back.

Sources : http://www.trickseek.net/remove-shortcut-virus/

Delete Shortcut Virus By Blemishing Registry Files

It’s also one of the most and easy and effortless way to remove Pen drive shortcut virus without downloading and installing any third party software. But, remember it need some technical knowledge of files and folders. So, it’s strongly suggested to use this method at your own risks, otherwise, it’s better to go through third party tool.

  1. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously in order to starts Task Manager.
  2. Switch to process tab and from the list, scroll down and look for some strange process with .exe extension (for eg. wscript.exe). And then click on End Processes.
  3. Open Run Dialog Box(by pressing Windows+R simultaneously) and type regedit in the box and click enter. A Registry Editor will be open.
  4. From the upper left pane of registry editor, drive to  HKEY_CURRENT_USER/Software/Microsoft/Windows/CurrentVersion/Run
  5.  Search and seek for odwcamszas registry key and right click on them. And then delete it.

Even after following all these steps, you are not able to remove your pen drive shortcut virus then, utilize any third party software.

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