Know deeply About The Hardware Reasons Responsible For PST File Corruption

Being a part of Microsoft Office suit, MS Outlook is an email application used by billions of peoples and organization. Along with facilitating for sending and receiving messages, it also offers some extra added features like calendars, task manager, journals, etc making it somewhat different and better than other email clients. MS Outlook in actual automatically stores all its files including messages, appointments, contacts, tasks, notes, and other journal entries into one of these two locations.

  • Personal storage folder (also known as a .pst file), on your hard disk drive.
  • In a mailbox that residing on the server. Remember, mailbox locates on the server if you are using Outlook with Microsoft Exchange Server.

PST file is more preferably and is used by various customers. But, it has some limitations that it get corrupted because of some reasons hardware and software issues. Here we are going to describe all all the hardware reasons for corruption for PST files.

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Hardware Reasons :

In case, if your hardware get fails in storing or transferring Outlook PST files data, then your PST files may get corrupted. There are mainly three types:

Data Storage Device Failure

Your hard drive may get failure because of some problems like if your hard disk has some bad sectors and your Outlook PST file is stored on these sectors. Then maybe you can only read part of the PST file. Or the data you read are incorrect and full of errors.

Dead device →Under this circumstances, your device will not detected because of reasons like hard drive fails to spin-up when power is applied. This usually occurs because of damaged PCB (printed circuit board) that caused mainly due to power fluctuations, power failures, lightning, surges or spikes as a result of a faulty power source or because of water spilling over device.

Noisy hard drive → Clicking (clacking, knocking) or scratching noises are normally as a result of broken or damaged read/write heads (commonly referred to as a head crash), platter damage or firmware corruption.


Drive not spinning → Creation of beeping or buzzing noises by the device while applying the power. It mainly caused because of spindling motor seizure.

Drive spinning but not detected → This usually occurs because of firmware corruption, faulty PCB or damaged read/write heads.

Drive spinning up and down repeatedly → Repeatedly spinning up and down of the drive. It also caused because of faulty read/write heads, firmware failure or a faulty PCB.

Excessive number of bad sectors → Inaccessible of the drive or struggling for read or write data can be caused. It can be indication of Cyclic Redundancy Checking while writing or reading data and drive will repeatedly runs a scan at start-up.


Drive contamination

Hard drives actually are quite sensitive if talking about contamination. And this is one of the most found reason for corruption of any PST or other files stored on hard drive. Also, sometimes dust contamination can result data corruption or damage.

Faulty Networking Device 

For Instance, PST file locate on network server and trying to access it through a client computer, through network links or because of network interface cards, routers, hubs, cables, routers, hubs and any other devices posing problematic network links, then this remote access can make PST files corrupted.

Beside, there can be endless other hardware reasons responsible for PST corruption or damage. Although, Microsoft facilitates you to backup all your PST files so as to restore or regain outlook data in case if you have lost it. And for this, application contains an inbuilt tool like Scanpst.exe (Inbox Repair Tool) widely used to repair and resolve the minor issues of Outlook. But, it has some limitations along with several compatibility issues. So, its better to go through any third party software. As, it’s very necessary to recover PST files immediately.

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