Hard Drive Goes Belly Up? Restore Your PST Data Here

Undoubtedly, it will be miserable for anyone to face hard drive corruption specially when having some valuable or lovable data stored on them. Photos and videos are one among them. And everyone known hoe lovable and important photos and videos are in today’s world of social media sites. And like other computer files, these files are also prone to damage causing data loss.

As, in that circumstances, you can’t access your data. Assume that you have to work on any of the files, also you connect it and is ready to find and open the data, and suddenly you found that nothing happens. You hard disk drive is not working properly. But, you don’t need to be panic. There are various ways that you can try before calling any experts or masters.

There can be many reasons responsible for data loss, but the most common among them is accidental deletion and hard drive fault. With the complexity in modern hard drive, anything and at anytime, something can went wrong that can cause drive failure that may cause PST file corruption. Although, you can utilize any professional Video Recovery Software, but in some failures, before going to use recovery services you yourself can resolve it.

While dealing with any recovery software, one thing you must kept in mind that, never work with the drive, as every bit of second your drive is connected to a running system is increasing the lose chances for recovery. AS, the fact is that, the operating system keeps reading and writing to your drive, whether you’re performing any activities or not. Meanwhile, your PC is assumes the deleted data as ‘free space’ and happily overwrite this area with new files.

So, shutdown the machine attached to your drive whose data has been deleted and then make a clone of the drive and go for the recovery from the clone. You can clone the drive by various ways. Then after scan the clone with a some recovery programs. Both free and paid-for packages are available. Means, with the combination of some care, appropriate tools and little time, you will definitely get your data back from that corrupted hard drive.

Recover Your Data with Hardware

Sometimes, your drive is not being recognized or detected by your machine or your machine can detect the drive, but just hangs while trying to access it. Also, the drive may completely get dead and won’t even spin up? Here is the short description of some components of the drive that can fail along with the symptoms that any failure can might.

PCB: It’s a (often green) circuit board connected to the bottom of your drive that abode the the main controller together with many other electronic controllers. It’s just a interface that result your 0s and 1s from the platter into accessible data understood by your computer.

Platters: Every drive poses one or more than one thin, circular platters that spin around at anywhere between 5,900rpm to 7,200rpm on consumer drives and are the media that actually store your data. Storing anything upto 4TB of data, it is made up of glass or other form of alloy coated with a magnetic layer.

Head assembly: Drives’ platters data is usually read by series of read and write heads. During the process, heads actually not in contact with the platters surface. They ‘fly’ approx nanometers above the disk surface, reading and writing data. Usually, a drive will have 2 heads per platter and in a greater capacity drive with 3 platters will normally be paired up with 6 heads, that is one for each side of every platter. The drive can face a ‘head crash’ if these heads get fail physically or your drive get dropped or knocked over. Actually, the heads no longer fly over the platters in head crash, but in place of that, it touch the surface and destroying the data at a few thousand revolutions per minute.

Firmware: In order handle all data and operation which is needed to access data, drive runs its own mini operating system. Almost all of this firmware is stored on the platters, very few part is stored on the PCB, that is needed during the starting process of drive. Sometimes, Firmware suddenly goes wrong, causing data inaccessibility. And unluckily, hard drive firmware is dissimilar to your tablet or smartphone means you can’t update or reflash it as because each drive poses its own unique parameters and modules which is highly difficult in nature.

After getting familiar with the basic components of a hard drive, have a look on some common failures and symptoms that you may feel and determining which component can be responsible for causing the problem.

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If Your Drive creates a Beeping Sound While You Power it Up

This beeping sounds can be of motor trying to spin the drive up and getting fail to act so. This can be caused either by stiction or by Pictured, but both of them are serious mechanical failures. In stiction, heads of the drive park either in center or on a ramp at drive edge while not in use.

As, the heads do not make contact with platter’s data area, they fly just above. But, sometimes, it can fail to park properly and stopping the platters to spin with the heads still over the data area. Due to having smooth surface to both heads and platters, they stick along with with each other and and that’s why, named as stiction. Remember, you have to open the drive carefully in the lab and also have to removed and replaced with taking care properly.


On the other side, seizure of the motor spindle can also be the reason for this issues. It’s the spindle around which platters rotate and sometimes because of hard drive knock or drop, it becomes seized.

It usually occurs in case of Seagate drives as because it has fragile spindle. You can solve this problem through two ways and both needs pro intervention. You can replace either spindle or can move the platters together with heads and PCB.

Drives Spinning Up and Is Detected by PC also, But Hangs When You Trying to Access It

This problem usually arouse when magnetic media get degraded. Actually, it creates a scenario where large amount of bad sectors get created and when the drive tries to read it get fail to do so, and hanging. This very common problems usually occurs over time and can be resolved also. But only by professional data recovery equipment, preferably a hard imager. So, if you have kept your valuable data on the drive, then send it to the experts immediately without any delay.
And still, if you want to resolve it with yourself then, you can try a software imager which can work around bad areas. As, this software commands works through BIOS, and that’s why, have limited effectiveness.

Drive Is Spinning Up but Making Clicking Noises

It’s really one of the serious failure indicating fail head or heads. In case if head crashed occurred then, it means your drive definitely suffered from platter damage. No doubt, this ois also a pros job, as there are so many rules that requites to follow in order to solve this issues for example , clean room environment is needed to open drive in lab and a replacement head assembly have to be fitted so as to recover your data. Remember, if your drive is clicking, then shut it down immediately leaving it in that same state and right after that consult and send it to a best professional recovery company. As, using the drive after facing this problem can degrade the disk further reducing the probability of data recovery.


Drive Sounding Normal but is Not Detected, or is Detected with Wrong Capacity

This scenario usually signs a problems with any part of firmware. It can be a head problem with not being read properly issues. Also, there can be any corruption that requites any solution to fix it. It will be suprrizing to know that few years back, a threat was found with Seagate 7200.11 drives with SD15 firmware version and was known as BSY bug. You can get various information of failure caused by this firmware mishap. That time, there was DIY solution for resolving that issues, but today there in nothing that you can do excepting of taking professional help.

There can be many cases in which you can try to attempt in order to recover your own data For example: In case of accidental deletion. Also, if your drive get completely dead and is not capable to power up, then you can go for DIY PCB route in order to fix the error. But, if youir drive is creating some unusual noises or acting in a idiosyncratic manner, then you are strongly suggested to hand over your hard drive to data recovery professional. And Remember, any unusual attempt without having any knowledge is quite risky and can cause data loss forever. So, it better to take it to the professionals directly. The sooner you do this, the better will be for your drive and data.

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