Get Back All your Files From Malware Infected Hard Drive

Along with the enhancement in technology and number of PC users, cyber criminals are also not back-footed. Actually, they are taking it as a great opportunity in order to complete their own goal. As these days, when almost every aged person have become crazy for surfing Internet, we have noticed extensive rise in malware and unlawful activities that really drive people into frustrating disasters. As, they are quite unreliable and undeserving your trust that do have capability to damage all the data stored on the hard drive, memory card or USB drive.

It’s not a play of two or three days that, any malware suddenly get installed and crashed your PC, means it takes some times. If you have detected and remove them on a time, you will stay away from all such devastating outcomes. After distributing of any malware into the hard drive, you will feel various changes in your PC like slow performances, unwanted pop-ups, distrustful hard drive activity, running out of hard drive space, unusual messages and many more. So, always be alert and try to remove the threat from your hard drive immediately after detection.

But, if you have get infected and has lost all your data then also, you don’t need to worry. As, there keeps the record of physical location and file information of all the files. And when get any of your data get corrupted because of any reasons then only index from the file table is abstracted, means the actual file still reside on the hard disk or other storage medium until and unless any new file is overwritten there. Means you can get them back. To recover your files from malware infected hard drive, follow the given steps:

Use CMD to recover files from virus infected hard drive

You can recover your lost data from external hard drive through using CMD command. As, it free and very easy to use, so it should be your first choice. Let’s see, how it works.

1. Plug-in the drive drive(in case of external hard drive) from which you have to recover data.

2. Click on Start menu and in the search bar, type in “cmd” and then hit enter. Right after that, you will see something like cmd.exe appears under the list of programs.


3. Right click on that and this will generate command windows that allows you to recover malware infected files.


4. Type “attrib -h -r -s /s /d drive letter:\*.*”, for instance, “attrib -h -r -s /s /d H:\*.*”.


After completion of these steps, Window automatically will began to repair malware infected hard drive. It mat take one or more minutes, so keep patience and don’t shut down the device at that time. Now, after completion of repairing process, just go to your drive and check that is you capable to see all your malware infected files. If Yes! Then congratulations!!!

But, if in case, you have not regain your infected data of hard drive, don’t get disappointed. In that case, you are highly recommended to go through any powerful and effective third party software.

Ciao amici!!! Sono davvero sconvolto come il mio PC vengono infettati da un Trojan a causa della quale, io non sono in grado di accedere al mio PC in modo corretto. Il mio sistema è diventato troppo lento e molte delle sue impostazioni ottenere cambiato in modo casuale, senza alcuna approvazione. E giorno a poco a poco alcuni dei miei dati del disco rigido è anche ottenere colpiti dal giorno in cui mi impedisce di accedervi.

Ciao … Senza dubbio, sarà misera situazione per chiunque di ottenere infettato da qualsiasi malware. Ma, se avete un po ‘di conoscenza di file e cartelle di sistema, allora si può andare per la rimozione manuale. In caso contrario, si può prendere l’aiuto di alcun software di terze parti. Ottenere maggiori informazioni su:

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