How To Fix Hard drive error code 2000-0146, and “a disk read error occurred”

Hard Drive user’s are quite familiar with the various issues related to it. Actually, there so many errors that can be generated in the hard drive because of some reasons that may be out of reach of common people. Error code 0146 shows that the test has detected logs of previous errors on hard drive and that may cause hard drive failure. Sometimes, while, booting the PC, it may state that, it couldn’t read the files correctly and requires reboot. And when you restart the PC, a black screen or “A disk read error occurred, press Ctrl +Alt + delete” in order to restart.” and doing so also not going to help you as it it cycles forever.


If you go into the F12 and run diagnostics, it gets to the hard-drive test then goes insane, creates lots of beeping noises, and gives you the error code 2000-0146 on the HD. Also, it suggest you to contact any tech support. For more influential results, it’s highly advisable to run ‘Custom Test’ on the laptop’s ‘Hard Drive’. Custom test is just an advanced diagnostic test which do have capability to produce more reliable results. In order to launch hard drive custom test, follow the steps listed below. (Snapshot has been taken for dell laptop).

  • Firstly shut down the laptop (Be sure of having AC Adapter plugged in)
  • Reboot the laptop and press <F12> repeatedly.
  • Choose ‘Diagnostics’ option.

Here, you can see some screen shots that demonstrate PSA+ Diagnostics progress.




Reference taken :

if color bars seems then, Tap <Y>(as shown in above images).


In you see 2000:0146 error on the monitor, then it is advised to ignore it and go ahead for the testing.


In order to start 32 bit Diagnostics ( as shown in the screen), Tap <No>.


The system’s ‘hard drive’ from the factory, include a hidden partition with 32 bit Diagnostics. And right after the finishing of basic diagnostic process, they asked you to continue to this Diagnostics program. If because of some reasons the hidden partition is not noticed on the hard drive, then a option will be offered to you saying to put the Resource DVD. At that time, screen will be appears like:


If needed, you can use the Resource CD and go through the steps given below:

  • Connect Recovery CD.
  • Power off and then again reboot the desktop.
  • While appearing of your laptop brand logo, press <F12> repeatedly immediately.

Note: In case, if you have delayed for even a small amount of time logo of operating system has appeared, then stop for a while and continue waiting until Microsoft Windows desktop appears and then after power off the PC and please try again.

  • Now, after the appearance of boot device list, select CD/DVD/CD-RW option by highlighting it and tap <Enter>
  • Boot from CD-ROM from the menu that appears and press <Enter>
  • A message will be seem stating that ‘Press any key to boot from the CD’
  • quickly press <Enter>
  • One thing that you must kept in mind is that, if you have waited for long and Diagnostic screen does not appear, then, switch off your PC and repeat all the above steps again. (Shown in given images)


  • Hit <Enter> button.
  • Here you can choose the test that you want to run after appearing of Diagnostics main menu.
  • Pick Custom Test.
  • Hit <+> sign  aside ‘Hard Drive’ (See image below).
  • Select ‘SATA Disk’.
  • Mark the tick in ‘Non-Interactive Tests Only’.
  • Select ‘Run Test’.
  • While running the test, if you found any problem then, a message will be displayed with an error code and a all the details related to that problem.
  • Here you need to note down the error code, problem and all the details as it appears exactly.

After passing the test, if you are looking to use the same hard drive, then you have to format the existing hard drive and then to go through re-installation process. But, before starting that, you are highly advised to make a backup all your available data including pictures, audios, ,  applications, videos, document, text files, etc if possible, since, it will be better for you. As, because, it may cause data loss also. Also, you need  eliminate all external peripherals devices like scanners, printers, USB device(excluding keyboard and mouse) that is being attached to your computer.

Solution To Fix Hard drive error code 2000-0146, and “a disk read error occurred”

Well there is the easy solution but it needs to spend money on a new hard drive if you want to fix this computer.

  • Go back into the BIOS and from the drive option, change the SATA Mode to ATA from AHCI and save settings.
  • Start the drive in Safe Mode by pressing F8 repeatedly until boot list option is generated.
  • Move to or select flash drive when windows gets into safe mode and start transferring your files.
  • Please note that it will only work if the drive can still spin up and maintain normal operations.

Reference :

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