Fix Corrupted SD Card And Recover Lost Photos

In today’s world of HD, our dependency for storage stuffs is increasing day by day in order to expand the storage capacity and also because of downloading unlimited images, audios and videos. Regarding this purpose, SD card is one of the most convenient and portable storage device that offers satisfactional read/write speed along with affordable price. It is being used by various gadgets like smartphones, tablets, iPod, cameras and others.

After being so popular and widely used, it still can lead some issues resulting inaccessibility of data. As, sometimes it may get corrupted or damaged, perishing all the saved photos and videos. And if in case, you don’t try to fix this issues, then permanently data loss can be caused. Actually, SD card poses certain life span after which, the corruption probability increases.

Hare are some of the common symptoms for SD Card getting corrupted.

  • Your PC will detect your SD card, but you will get fail to see your files and a message stating ‘SD card is not formatted do you want to format it now’, will be generated.
  • Almost all the photos and videos will get disappeared.
  • Error message stating corrupt memory card’ or ‘memory card error’ may also be seen when opening any photos and videos.
  • You may see all the photos and videos stored on the card, but can’t copy that files because of “write-protected” error.
  • None of the folders will be seen and a error message stating “Read/Write error on SD card” while connecting SD card to PC.

Note : In case of SD Card corruption, there is no any assurance for recovery of photos and videos. Although, in case of software issues, there is a big chance to regain that files, but in case of hardware corruption, you can’t repair it.

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Before going for any third party software, you can try these methods. Probably, this may help you to recover your photos and videos.

Method 1 – It sometimes happened that some of the devices get fail to read an SD card, so you must check it by connecting it to another device.

Method 2 – Connecting Sd card to your system by putting it into card reader. Click “Start” button and then choose “Computer” option from your Windows task bar and and inquest for drive letter assigned for your SD card from “Devices with Removable Storage”. After that, click “Start” button again and in the “search” box, type “cmd”. Then right click on “cmd” and click on “Run as administrator” option. Then after a command window will be opened and from there you can fix your damaged SD card memory card. Then type “chkdsk” followed by your SD card drive letter and then by a colon and /f. And then hit “enter”. Actually, the Chkdsk command checks for possible errors and also try to fix that error. You only need to pursue the subsequent message prompts. And lastly, check your assigned drive letter for SD card so as to verify whether the photos and videos are recovered or not.



Fix 3 – If your PC is not assigning a new drive letter to your SD card and is not reading, even after connecting then or is assigning the drive letter, still throwing the message “Please insert the disk into drive E:”, then it means your system isn’t reading the card. In order to solve this issues, you can assign a new drive letter to that connected SD card via settings of your operating system.

Fix 4 –  If any of the files is unable to read, then probably the directory will display the file names but the files cannot be accessed. In that case, right-click on the drive letter and choose “Properties” option. If it shows the used space of your card, then it’s good, but, if not (means displaying almost all free space), then if not then it means either all your files including photos and videos or directory have been deleted.

Fix  5 – In case, if you are capable to read all the files and directories, but get fails to copy and save them, then probably your SD card will be in write protected mode. So, you have to unlock the switch in order to change, copy or save the files stored on the card. After doing this, you still unable to read or write to the SD card, then might be you have lost your files or they have become inaccessible. In order to resolve this issues, you require a disk diagnostic tool which can work on memory cards also. Also, you can format your SD card, you have to loss your data forever. For camera and smartphone, you have to use recovery software. There are various software available that you can use in order to recover all your photos and videos. So, choose any powerful and effective tool.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Friends!! I’m continuously getting failed to format my 32 GB SD card. All time a message to reformat it again comes. Can you all show me the way for further step to resolve this issues?

Answer:  Primarily, I would recommend you to change your card reader in which you have inserted SD cart and try to connect it with different device. If after doing all this, if you are getting error then you need a recovery tool. Regarding this, you can get further info at

Q: Actually from some few days, my Sony Camera gives “memory card locked” error message each time while attaching SD card into it? How can I get rid of this issues.

Answer:  In that case, kindly check with the lock switch on the SD card and correct it. Then after check it out by re-inserting into your camera.

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