Boot Sector Virus | Know More About It’s Removal From Hard Drive

All of us is quite familiar with PC threat or malware and from it’s destructive nature. And in today’s world, it’s not a big deal if getting infected by any of them as because of increasing rate of Internet usage, as has it become one of the most adoptable methods used by cyber criminals in order to spread their malicious programs.

Malware Story

You will get surprised that virus developers (even some of the virus writers were often young or you can say teens) started of crafting the virus code in early 1980’s and till 1990’s they were hardly annoy the users nothing more than that. But, as the time passes, in early 2000’s, they started to put their talent to some professional or criminal use. Since, Internet becoming the ideal source for information and business or used by Bank also for online transaction, has created lots of opportunities for them to exploit economically to both normal PC users and corporation. How can they super pass this opportunity and that’s why, creating and more difficult code that can bypass most powerful and reputed security programs and can smoothly invade into the PC. And consequences of this is not hidden from anyone.

Boot Sector Virus

virusA boot sector virus is also a kind of virus that do have capability to contaminate the boot sector of floppy disks or the Master Boot Record (MBR) of hard disks. Even, some of the boot sector virus can inject hard disk boot sector instead of the MBR). The contaminated code usually executes while booting the system from infected disk and if once anyhow get loaded can contaminate other device along with floppy disk on the infected PC. And when it infect at BIOS level, they use DOS command to spread to whole system. And because of this, your PC started to fade after appearance of Window launching screen. Today, all this type of program also known as ‘bootkits’ that cruelly writes their malicious code to MBR so as to get loaded automatically while booting process and then keeps playing its distrustful activities. Although, it has not been crafted to contaminate removable media. Actually, the system in its boot sector poses 0x55 and 0xAA as its last two bytes and if anyhow this signature get corrupted or is not present then your PC will generate an error message and get fail to boot. And this problem usually caused because of boot sector virus or any hardware damage or corruption.

How Boot Sector virus Infiltrates Into PC

Usually, boot sector computer viruses distributes through any infected physical media. An infected floppy disk or any other removable media like USB drive or SD card when connecting to PC will transfer these types of infected files and when the drive’s MBR is read, then starts modifying and replacing existing boot code and right after that when you tries to boot your system, the threat will loaded automatically without any human interference and immediately starts running as part of the master boot record. Sometimes, often email attachments can hold boot virus code and opening them will contaminate host computer and that may also contain instructions for sending further batches of email to a user’s contact list. Although, enhancement in BIOS architecture have minimize the rate of boot distribution by adding the option to prevent from modifying anything to first sector of a system’s hard drive.

It’s really somewhat difficult to get rid of these types of infection as it encrypt the boot sector. And sometimes you will not aware of having it until running any security scan and as a result. And it’s definitely going to bring some frustrating disasters in delaying in its removal. Because as long boot sector virus rest in you rpC, the more havoc will be caused and at some point your hard drive may damage or may need to reformat it.

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How To Remove Boot Sector Virus

Primarily remove all of your important files and folders and shut down your PC.


Take your drive to any professional. Unplug the system and all monitors, etc. Eliminate HDD from your PC and be sure for removing all of the static electricity through touching the metal case.


Scan your drive by using any efficient software on a CD-ROM or floppy and fix the MBR. You have to start with the OS install CD. In case, if using Windows XP, use Windows Recovery Console option.


Now you need to change boot order and for this, enter BIOS through suitable startup key for your PC and when the BIOS setup page shows, set your floppy drive or CD to boot first.


Search for your HDD brand or manufacturer and if that having utility for low-level format. As, it’s quite essential part that deletes everything from your hard drive and so no one can get it back, even malware also.


Execute formatting utility which is being facilitated by your HDD manufacturer.


If having any errors while OS booting, just reinstall your operating system.


And last but not the least, you must install any trustworthy and reputed security programs onto your PC so as to wipe out all the malware.


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